Miley Cyrus Receives A Serenade From Cody Simpson In The Hospital

Miley Cyrus Receives a Serenade From Cody Simpson In The Hospital

Last Tuesday Miley Cyrus informed her followers through her Instagram stories that she had been admitted to a hospital to receive treatment for tonsillitis that was diagnosed, according to CNN Entertaiment.

The singer, through a series of images, showed her hospital gown and wrote to all her fleet of followers that she hoped to have a speedy recovery to attend Gorillapalooza to be held this weekend, organized by Ellen DeGeneres "The Ellen Fund", to raise funds for global conservation efforts.

"I try to heal as quickly as I can to get to Gorillapalooza @TheEllenShow @PortiaDeRossi @BrunoMars this weekend! I send good vibes my way! Waiting for the Rock star G * DS to send me a boost and help me kick ”, Cyrus captioned a photo that he uploaded to his Twitter account.


– Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) October 9, 2019

Before the news of his hospitalization, who did not skimp on details to make her feel better, it was his new conquest, the Australian interpreter Cody Simpson, who arrived at the hospital with a large bouquet of roses and a guitar in hand, which he used to sing some songs in the ear, dedicated exclusively to Miley.

Likewise, Liam Hemsworth's ex, hung a snapshot next to Cody, very close together in the hospital bed.

So far, the couple has not said anything about their relationship after TMZ published videos where they are both seen in a restaurant in Los Angeles. As the portal details, Miley and Cody kissed during their meeting. After this information came out, the artists shared images together on social networks giving each other a kiss.

This possible relationship of Miley comes after her estrangement with Kaitlynn Carter, with whom she began an affair almost instantly after reporting her separation with Liam Hemsworth. After criticism, Cyrus wrote a tweet.

"The men jump from one young and beautiful woman to the next one without the consequences in most cases. I am just trying to evolve / survive in a world of men. If you can't with them, join," he said in a shared post throughout the weekend on your Twitter account.