Miley Cyrus Was Admitted Urgently

Since announcing the end of his marriage to actor Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus has suffered constant emotional ups and downs. First, her ex-husband requested a final divorce in court. Later, she faced criticism from fans who blamed her for the failure of the relationship and accused her of being unfaithful. A few weeks ago, his passionate and vertiginous romance with blogger Kaitlynn Carter ended abruptly. And now, the former Disney star is admitted to the hospital, as she told herself on her Instagram profile.

“Trying to heal as quickly as possible to be this weekend in Gorillapalooza with @theellenshow @portiaderossi @brunomars! Send good vibes! I hope that the God of rock stars will give me a boost and help me kick this honey ***. We have gorillas to save! ”, He wrote in his Instagram stories next to a photograph in which he appeared lying in the hospital bed. She was hospitalized for tonsillitis.

In spite of the difficult ones that have been the last months, the interpreter of “Slide Away” does not let itself be defeated by adversity. From the hospital, he shared some images that show that he is taking his way through the hospital with humor. In addition to redesigning her robe to give her a “Yves Saint Laurent” air, a photograph was taken in which she appears lying with rose petals on her body, in the purest American Beauty style.


Since the divorce, his mother's support in each of the decisions he has made has been fundamental. Tish Cyrus is always proud of all her children, with whom she has a very close relationship. In recent months, Tish accompanies her to her concerts, accepting her emotional relationships and understanding the moment she is going through. Now, she also takes care of her in the hospital and helps her feel better about herself.

“How you present yourself can determine how you feel. Thanks mom for helping this little girl look a little better by washing my hair for me. My mother is the best! "Miley wrote in another photograph.

In addition to friends and family, he also visited her at the Cody Simpson hospital. A few days ago, the two musicians were caught kissing at a Backyard Bowls restaurant in Los Angeles. The specialized media TMZ published the news and, although neither confirmed the relationship, it seems that Cyrus and Gigi Hadid's ex enjoy each other's company.

"Suddenly I feel much better," Miley wrote in a video in which she appears lying in the hospital with Cody Simpson, while he sings and plays the guitar for her. “This sweet boy came to visit me and sang the sweetest song that exists and that he wrote just for me. He arrived with his guitar and with roses in his hand. #Noestoyllorando # Túestasllorando, "he told in another Instagram story.

Now, the singer's concern is to recover soon to be able to perform on Saturday at the charity show hosted by host Ellen Degeneres in California, and that seeks to support the conservation of gorillas.