Milla Jovovich’s Daughter Will Be Wendy In The New ‘Peter Pan’

Since the Resident Evil saga ended in 2016, Milla Jovovich has lost track of her. Based on smaller sporadic projects, the actress and model is mainly focused on her family after giving birth on February 2 to her third daughter with her husband, director Paul W. S. Anderson. And while taking care of the newborn, she will have a double task because her eldest daughter prepares to follow in her footsteps: Ever Gabo will be Wendy in the new Peter Pan. (Instagram / millajovovich) More Born in November 2007, the 12-year-old girl has been chosen by Disney executives to play the young female lead in the new live-action remake based on the house classics. As Milla shared on her social networks, her daughter will accompany Alexander Molony in this adventure while she plays Wendy and he Peter Pan, it is the debut of both in leading roles, although it is not the first time that Ever plant in front of the cameras. In addition to having grown up on the sets of several Resident Evil movies alongside his parents (remember that Anderson was the director and producer of most of them), Ever will soon appear in theaters as the small version of Scarlett Johansson in Black Widow. meet the young Black Widow ”wrote a proud Mile on Instagram when sharing the news of the signing of her daughter in Peter Pan. In the post, she says that Ever got the role in Black Widow after a search around the world and that they are very proud now that they can also announce that she will be a new Disney star. She says that the girl wants to be an actress from the age of 5 and that she has put her “time, concentration and energy into making her dream come true” According to Variety, the project is titled Peter Pan & Wendy hinting that this time the adaptation of the story of the boy who never grows will focus on the two equally. David Lowery will direct the film after adapting one of the studio’s first remakes of classics four years ago when he made Peter and the Dragon. Peter Pan & Wendy will be a live-action adaptation of the 1953 animated classic based on the JM Barrie’s novel about the boy who lives in Neverland and his adventures with Wendy. The little boy who will give life to Peter Pan has spent a couple of years working as a child actor lending his voice to the animated series Claude and the sitcom The reluctant landlord (2018 -) .In this way, Ever Gabo will debut on the big screen as a girl just like her mother. After immigrating to the U.S. after leaving the Soviet Union with her family when she was very young, Milla began attending acting classes at age 10 and made her debut in Crossroads of Passions in 1988 when she was 13, although her jump to stardom went to the 15 when he made Return to the blue ribbon (1991). He also appeared in Chaplin (1993) and Movida del 76 (1993), among others. However, tired of being seen as a Hollywood accessory, she moved to Europe and took a break from acting, working on her modeling career. So in 1997 she returned to the card with Luc Besson as the protagonist of The Fifth Element, creating herself a 400-word alien language for her character. Little by little she returned to Hollywood jumping to the final stardom with the first installment of Resident Evil in 2002, repeating up to five other sequels.More stories that may interest you: Image: Instagram / millajovovich