Millionaires With Defense Issues Vs. Cúcuta, Analysis | Colombian Soccer | Eagle League

Millionaires lost this Wednesday 3-1 in his visit to Cúcuta Deportivo, relegating his hopes of finishing date 14 as leader of the League II-2019. The ambassador team began winning at the General Santander stadium, but very little the advantage lasted and it had unforgivable mistakes that cost it the loosest defeat of the year.

It is the first time in 2019 that the Bogota team receives 3 goals. Since the last date of 2018-II, against Santa Fe, he didn't have three goals against in a match. That data reflects the worrying decrease in the level of defense of Jorge Luis Pinto.

This semester, it has been difficult for Millionaires to maintain a solid line in the back. The injuries and expulsions have not allowed to consolidate the rear. Now, that the duo formed by Luis Payares and Alex Rambal returned, there is no security.


Against Cúcuta there were serious deconcentrations. That's why Cúcuta tied the game just a minute after the goal of José Ortiz. Asleep and inattentive, they suffered 1-1 without reaching their own goal.

The worst thing is that this semester Millionaires has barely been able to get his arc at zero, against Once Caldas on date 2. And the hero of other times, Wuilker Faríñez, does not go through his best moment, being responsible in some entries of the rivals.

"I have to say honestly that the defense of Millionaires had no behavior today," said Jorge Luis Pinto at the end of the match at the border. Thus, strong working days are coming to improve in the rear and in the ambassador arch.