Ming-Na Wen Is The First Actress To Work On All Major Disney Brands

It is known that The Walt Disney Company is very far from that studio known for its animated films and its recreational parks, and that today constitutes a megacorporation of entertainment that brings together a multitude of successful studios and franchises. But among the thousands of actors who have worked and work on Disney products, very few of them can boast of having worked on the three (or four) big legs that support the Mickey mouse corporation. That is precisely the case of Ming-Na Wen. Wen has been Disney Princess in Mulán, Marvel heroine in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Star Wars character in The Mandalorian. (Image: © Disney Animation Studios / © ABC / © Lucasfilm) More Born in the former Portuguese colony of Macau, this Sino-American can not only boast of having participated in almost all types of Disney projects that have emerged in recent years , but at 56, she is the only actress in history who has played a Disney princess, a Marvel hero and a Star Wars character – as she has remembered herself on Instagram, echoing the news released by Buzzfeed. After becoming known with roles such as Dr. Jing-Mei “Deb” Chen in the Urgencies series, June in the movie The Good Star Club and Chun-Li in Street Fighter, Wen put a voice to the protagonist of Mulan (1998) – a role that would continue to play in the sequel and in products as diverse as the video game Kingdom Hearts II or the animated film Ralph breaks the Internet. Remember that, despite not being a daughter of monarchs or having married a prince, Mulan is the 8th member of the Disney Princess franchise – and the only one in East Asia. Years later, having lent her voice to projects such as Final Fantasy: Inner strength and acted in series like Two and a Half Men, SGU Stargate Universe or Eureka, Wen was signed in 2013 to play agent Melinda May in Agents of SHIELD and in this way he added to his acting curriculum a Marvel heroine (without super powers, yes). And if anyone could question his marvelita experience, a few years later he also agreed to give voice to the villain Hala the Accuser in the Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors animated series … But it wasn’t until August 23, when it was announced that Wen would interpret to the killer Fennec Shand in the Star Wars series for Disney +, The Mandalorian, that this trilingual actress could boast of being the first to appear in the four most lucrative franchises and / or divisions of Disney: Disney Animation Studios (Mulan), Walt Disney Studios (The Good Star Club), Marvel Entertainment (SHIELD Agents) and Lucasfilm (The Mandalorian). Although his forays into Marvel and Lucasfilm are through the television divisions and not the cinematographic divisions, and although (he still) has not participated in a Pixar film, we can compare his curious case with those of those 15 privileged who have obtained the called EGOT: Emmy + Grammy + Oscar + Tony. So much so, that in recognition of that interpretative versatility and its enormous contributions to The Walt Disney Company, she decided to name her Disney Legend at last year’s D23 Expo – along with figures like Christina Aguilera, Robert Downey Jr., James Earl Jones, Jon Favreau or Hans Zimmer. The award, among other privileges, includes a lifetime Golden Pass that gives access to all Disney parks. “Please continue to acquire all these franchises,” the actress told Bob Iger during her thank-you speech for the award, “because I keep finding work in them. I have fulfilled all my wish lists thanks to Disney. ”Read more The truth is that, at 56, Wen is far from being a debutante – and, in fact, today she is considered one of the pioneering Asian-born actresses to introduce racial and cultural diversity in Hollywood. Without going any further, she is one of the very few actresses of Asian origin who have led the cast of an American series – in her case, Inconceivable. And as if that were not enough, his daughter Michaela has decided to follow in his footsteps and has already voiced Princess Jun in the Disney Channel series Princess Sofia (in which Wen did the same with Vega) .After appearing in the 5th episode of The Mandalorian (which will not arrive in Spain until Disney + is available here starting March 24), and playing Aunt Sandra in the Awkwafina series is Nora from Queens, we will soon see Wen in the seventh and final season of Agents of SHIELD (released in mid-2020) and in the horror series about urban legends 50 States of Fright (which has no release date, although its platform, Quibi, will be released on April 6). On the other hand, fans of Mulan anxiously awaits (and some with concern) the premiere of the remake in real action, released on March 27: More stories that may interest you: Confusion or hypocrisy? Disney + promises diversity but does not dare to take risks Harrison Ford responds to the Star Wars theory: was Han Solo a ghost of the Force? The director of Mulan explains why there will be no songs or dragon Mushu