'Mini Spy' Actor Is Arrested! These Are The Crimes Of Which He Is Accused | GRANDSTAND

Los Angeles, United States.- The Mini Spy star, Daryl Sabara, was arrested and received two charges for misdemeanors after vandalizing a vehicle that was parked and owned by a person he does not know, reported the TMZ portal .

According to police sources who spoke for the site, the actor was walking where the parked car was located near the University of California, Los Angeles, when suddenly the car's side panels began to start.

It is described that the famous, who is the husband of singer Meghan Trainor, received a charge for the crime of vandalism and for the crime of tampering with a vehicle. However, it must be submitted to a Court later this month.


Reports indicate that the incident occurred last March and was apparently captured on video by security cameras.

It is also described that the owner of the car does not know Daryl personally and is disconcerted by the possible reason for the actor's actions.

This note includes information from:
Metro and TMZ