Minnesota Governor Orders "Full Mobilization" of National Guard to Control Protests

Minnesota Governor Orders “Full Mobilization” Of National Guard To Control Protests

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced Saturday that he has ordered the “total mobilization” of the National Guard to control protests over the death of African-American George Floyd at the hands of several police officers.

The official said at a press conference that he made the decision after the altercations and destruction during the fourth day of protests that made him express that “the demonstrations are no longer in any way for the death of George Floyd.”

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz says he is authorizing the full mobilization of the Minnesota National Guard, “an action that has never been taken” in its 154-year history https://t.co/0x8tHbwS8f pic.twitter.com/Xsx8B9JJtP


– CBS News (@CBSNews) May 30, 2020

“I urge peace at the moment,” said the governor.

Last night, the fourth consecutive day of protests, a series of fires were caused to properties, cars and property damage, such as the lobby of the CNN news network Center in Atlanta.

Although the protests initially started in Minnesota, yesterday they spread to Georgia, New York, Houston, California and even reached the White House.

Waltz and the mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul, state cities, noted that non-residents of the state have come to protests to vandalize property.

Georgia’s governor also took steps to mobilize the National Guard and declared a state of emergency in the state to direct efforts and combat protests.

For his part, President Donald Trump also threatened to mobilize soldiers to the places where the protests take place and called all those who protest after Floyd’s death “ruffians.”

“These RUFFIANS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd and I will not allow that to happen. I just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the military is with him for whatever he needs. Any difficulty and we’ll take over but when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thanks! ”Trump wrote in a tweet.



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