Minnesota Twins Vs New York Yankees Live And Direct: MLB

Eddie Rosario hits the line to the right wing and Aaron Judge throws himself on the ball to avoid the hit. Yankees will hit to close the seventh.

The ball escapes Gary Sánchez and advances Jorge Polanco to the intermediate.

Zack Britton defeats hand in hand with Nelson Cruz by striking him out.


Jorge Polanco negotiates ticket and reaches the initial.

Mitch Garver hits the pitcher. Zack Britton shoots first to get the Garver out of circulation. 1 out.

Edwin Encarnación hit high to foul territory. Entry into NY is over, it's time for the 7th stretch. Twins 4-7 Yankees.

Second home run for New York. Brett Gardner put her flying by all the right. Twins 4-7 Yankees.

For the first time, Aaron Judge fails to reach the base. Elevated to the left garden it puts it out of circulation. 2 outs

DJ LeMahieu takes her out of the park all over the center! Twins 4-6 Yankees.

Gio Urshela flies to the center garden and Max Kepler stays with her. 1 out.

The danger is over. Luis Arraez lifts the ball to third baseman Gio Urshela to finish the inning. Twins 4-5 Yankees.

CJ Cron machuca the ball, Gary Sánchez shoots first to take the out. Kepler to second. 2 outs

Tommy Kahnle awards his only punch of the night to Marwin Gonzalez and leaves the mound. Chad Green arrives from the bullpen. 1 out.

Tommy Kahnle gives the base to Max Kepler and receives a visit to the mound of pitching coach Larry Rothschild

Miguel Sanó puts Twins' third lead on the board! Minnesota is approaching a career. Twins 4-5 Yankees.

Gleyber Torres's double to the left lit Yankee Stadium.

The danger to Twins is over. Didi Gregorius struck out swinging. Twins 3-5 Yankees.

Gary Sánchez struck out looking. Stanton in third, Torres in second. 2 outs

Gleyber Torres takes off Yankees for two runs with a left double! Judge and Gardner score on the play. Stanton to third. Twins 3-5 Yankees.

In 3-1, Giancarlo Stanton receives the fourth bad ball and advances to first. The bases for Yankees are filled! Judge to third, Gardner to second and Stanton to first with 1 out.

Edwin Incarnation fan and reaches to touch the ball that ends in the mitt of Mitch Garver. The first out falls.

Tyler Duffey is the new launcher for visitors.

Brett Gardner receives a shot on the shoulder. Advance to first by hit by pitch. Judge in second.

The ball escapes Garver and Judge takes the opportunity to reach the intermediate.

Aaron Judge negotiates his second base for night ball and advances to first.

Change in the mound for Minnesota: Zack Littell replaces Berrios.

Jorge Polanco hurt Yankees again.

Eddie Rosario hit the first straight line that passes through the plate towards the central garden. Brett Gardner stayed with her. Finish the 5th high, everything is even. Twins 3-3 Yankees.

Adam Ottavino gives Nelson Cruz the base. The local manager does not like what goes to the mound. Ottavino leaves and replaces Tommy Kahnle.

Jorge Polanco surprises Gary Sánchez and steals second base.

Aaron Boone calls the bullpen and ends tonight's performance for James Paxton. The reliever Adam Ottavino arrives at the mound to warm his arm.

Jorge Polanco connects hit to left field. Luis Arraez scores. Polanco at first.

Mitch Garver struck out full account. James Paxton gets his eighth chocolate of the night. 2 outs

Luis Arraez connects solid line to the opposite band. Giancarlo Stanton returns her. Arraez is placed in second.

CJ Cron struck out fanning. Gary Sánchez shoots first to put the batter out of circulation. 1 out.

José Berríos puts an end to the 4th inning by striking out DJ LeMahieu. Twins 2-3 Yankees.

Gio Urshela raises the cental garden. Max Kepler keeps the ball. 2 outs

Didi Gregorius lifts the ball to the foul. Mitch Garver catches the ball. 1 out.

José Berríos returns to close the fourth entry in the Bronx.

The euphoria of October came to Yankee Stadium.

Marwin Gonzalez struck out fanning 2-2. Paxton gets his sixth punch of the night. End of the 4th high.

Max Kepler hit rola at 1B. DJ LeMahieu puts him out of circulation without assistance. 2 outs

Miguel Sanó hit high to second base and is dominated. The first out falls.

This is how Nelson Cruz demonstrated the power by hitting a home run towards the opposite side.

Gary Sánchez struck out fanning. He finished the third inning at Yankee Stadium. Twins 2-3 Yankees.

Gleyber Torres bats rolled to third base. Judge and Incarnation score. Stanton out in second. Torres safe at first after 1B CJ Cron error. Twins 2-3 Yankees.

The first umpire Todd Tichenor says that Stanton did not pass the bat of the line and advances to first. Yankees have full bases.

Edwin Encarnación doubled to left. LeMahieu scores, Judge to third, Encarnación to second. Twins 2-1 Yankees.

Brett Gardner hit a sacrifice fly to right field. LeMahieu to third, Judge stays first. 1 out.

Aaron Judge hit line to center field. LeMahieu advances to second, Judge to first.

DJ LeMahieu singles straight to the right on a fly. It is placed at first base.

James Paxton comes out of trouble striking out Eddie Rosario. He finished the 3rd high. Twins 2-0 Yankees.

Nelson Cruz turns the ball on for the entire right to the first pitch! Twins 2-0 Yankees.

Jorge Soler connects the line to the right field and Aaron Judge launches for it to take the second out.

James Paxton struck out Mitch Garver after taking him to 2-2. 1 out.

Gio Urshela hit rolled and is removed by track 5-3. End of the second entry. Twins 1-0 Yankees.

Didi Gregorius struck out swinging. Fourth punch for Berrios at night. 2 outs

Gary Sánchez negotiates a ticket with José Berríos and advances to the initial one.

Gleyber Torres, sixth in order, struck out fanning the 95 mph straight from Berrios. 1 out.

Luis Arraez machuca the ball to third base territory for a double play. CJ Cron is out in second; Arraez, out first. The second high ended. Twins 1-0 Yankees.

CJ Cron is plastered on a fly to the box. The mistake is for first baseman DJ LeMahieu.

Marwin Gonzalez connects double between right and center.

Max Kepler removed by route 4-3. 1 out.

After reviewing the play, Yankees' career was eliminated. Twins 1-0 Yankees.

Edwin Encarnación connects solid line to right field to get Yankees first hit. Judge to third, Incarnation to second.

Brett Gardner struck out fanning 2-2.

The judge negotiates a ticket to José Berríos.

DJ LeMahieu, first in the order of Yankees, removed by way of punch.

Paxton leaves problems with punch Miguel Sanó. At the end of the first high, Twins get up 1-0.

This is how Jorge Polanco put it in the stands!

The second out for James Paxton fell. Eddie Rosario struck out swinging.

Designated hitter Nelson Cruz negotiates ticket and advances to first base.

Start the party in the Bronx! Jorge Polanco shortstop connects home run to right.

James Paxton gets the first out of the night. Mitch Garver struck out full account.

The first of the Series starts between Twins and Yankees.

In a duel of offensives, Nelson Cruz and Aaron Judge will seek to lead their respective teams to victory.

This is the ninth of the Twins for tonight's game. Garver, Polanco, Cruz, Rosario, Sanó, Kepler, González, Cron and Arraez. The opener will be José Berríos.

This is the lineup with which the Yankees prepare to face the Twins in the first game of the American League series. Le Mahieu, Judge, Gardner, Encarnación, Stanton, Torres, Sánchez, Gregorius and Urshela.

The Yankees already train at their property. They prepare for the match that will be played in just a few minutes.

Welcome to the preview and minute by minute of the Minnesota Twins vs. New York Yankees, the first game of the American League Divisional Round to be played this Friday, October 4 from Yankee Stadium, in the Bronx.



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