“Miss Americana”, The Netflix Documentary That Reveals Taylor Swift’s Biggest Secrets

Taylor Swift was established as one of the most successful artists in recent times. From a young age she fought to be a great composer and did not disappoint. In the new Netflix documentary, all the details of the singer’s life are hidden.

This new project directed by Lana Wilson, reflects a side of the singer who never met. And everything he lived to become one of the best. Related News For his fans, it is a new reason to feel close to his great idol, but for the audience, this project makes clear the political transformation he had Swift along these years.

The producers were in charge of reflecting a more human side of Taylor, and not as frivolous as it is usually seen on stage, or in an awards ceremony. In the great conflicts, the singer completely omitted them. His iconic fight with Kanye West was not present, and this caught the attention of many users.


This new image you want to install from Taylor, is from a young woman with a big heart who does everything possible to reach the top. But what many people question is whether the singer is really like that, or is a farce.

In this new documentary, producers minimize all Swift’s life mistakes. Anyway, for critics it is a great project. Have you seen it yet?