MLB And Union Are Trying To Save 162 Game Campaigns

New York (AP) — Players and Major League Baseball negotiators pause after 16 and a half hours on Tuesday to reach a deadline for reaching the 162-game contract set by Commissioner Rob Manfred to maintain the season. It has been paused.

After 3:00 am on the 98th day of the lockout, MLB reported that the game was no longer canceled and negotiations were ongoing.


In a statement, MLB said, “The Players Association consulted the board early tomorrow (Wednesday) and then requested that we accept our offer. They will answer us in the morning.” Stated.

The union’s chief negotiator, Bruce Meyer, and chief lawyer, Ian Penny, led a delegation of players they met this morning at the Major League Baseball office opposite Radio City Music Hall.

About three hours later, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Dan Harem, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Morgan Sword, and Senior Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Pat Horihan walked about three blocks and visited the union office overlooking the Rockefeller Center for 20 minutes.

Both sides continued talking on the phone later.

This is the second longest lockout in baseball history. As the two camps meet face-to-face for three consecutive days, exchanging numbers for key economic issues, so-called luxury taxes, new bonus fund amounts for players who are not yet qualified for salary arbitration, and minimum wages. I saw. wage.

It is unclear whether this more intensive phase of negotiations could lead to a tense negotiation arrangement or another collapse that has been postponed for almost a year.

Approximately 16 and a half hours of negotiations, which began on February 28 in Jupiter, Florida, progressed, but broke down the next day when Manfred announced that the first two series of each team’s season were off.

As planned, it seems unlikely that the campaign will start on March 31st. However, Major League Baseball has warned the union that Tuesday is the last day it can reach a deal that will allow it to proceed with 162 games that have changed per club schedule.

Following that full schedule allows for full payroll and service time taken into account so that players can declare themselves as free agents.

MLB offered to raise its salary cap from $ 220 million to $ 228 million on Monday, but said some concessions had confirmed the athletic version by those with negotiating knowledge.

The union started the week in search of 238 million people.

The Players Association on Monday demanded 80 million funds for this year, and MLB proposed 30 million. The union demanded $ 725,000 while Major League Baseball was proposing a minimum wage of $ 700,000.

There is a big difference between the last four seasons of the proposed five-year contract.


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