MLB Cancels The First Week Of Pre-season Games

New York (AP) — Major League Baseball has canceled the first week of pre-season games until March 4. For the first time, I publicly acknowledged the confusion caused by the lockout.

The announcement took place on Friday, the 79th day of the strike, the day after a dialogue on economic issues between Major League Baseball and the players’ union lasted only 15 minutes.


Negotiators will resume talks on economic issues on Monday. Major League Baseball has shown that members of the team owner’s negotiation committee will participate in the session. This is the seventh central issue in the conflict that began with the lockout on December 2.

Spring training began this week and the pre-season match schedule was scheduled to begin on February 26th. The day was scheduled for 16 games, including World Series champions Atlanta Braves and Boston, Florida, and Cleveland Guardians and Arizona’s Cincinnati.

“Unless we have a collective bargaining agreement at this time, we regret having to postpone the start of spring training until Saturday, March 5,” MLB said in a statement. “All 30 teams have a strong desire to unite, bring players back to the field and fans back to the stands.”

MLB warned the union that February 28 is the latest possible date to reach an agreement that would allow the season to start on time. The union did not respond to MLB as to whether they agreed with the date or believed they had more time.

Instead, the union issued a statement criticizing Major League Baseball for strikes.

“Nothing forces the league to delay the start of the preseason. Similarly, nothing forces the league’s decision to strike in the first place,” he said. “Despite the league decision, players continue to commit to the negotiation process.”

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred made a strike decision with the aim of controlling the progress of the negotiations and avoiding late-season strikes in the absence of a labor contract, as happened in August 1994. Said that. It was canceled for the first time in 90 years.

It was the modified pre-season for the third consecutive year that affected the tourism economy in Florida and Arizona.

On March 12, 2020, the pre-season was suspended and shortened due to a pandemic postponing the start of the season from March 26th to July 23rd. Each team has reduced the season schedule from 162 games to 60 games.

The pre-season started on time last year, but pandemic restrictions limited the park’s capacity.

The players’ union is discussing to determine if there are any players participating in the next session.

In most cases, owners and players hold meetings via Zoom. Colorado Rockies CEO Dick Montfort, owner’s Labor Policy Committee chairman, and free agent rescuer Andrew Miller met for the first time during the lockout on January 24th. attended.


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