MLB Defends Posture Not To Punish The Astros Anymore

MEXICO CITY, February 17 (THE UNIVERSAL) .- Rob Manfred, Major League Commissioner, defended his position of not punishing the players and the owner of the Houston Astros, after the signal theft scandal broke out. from the ninth Texan. “I understand the desire of people to pay a price for what happened here. I think if they look at the players, they look at their faces when they have to deal with this problem publicly, they have paid a price” Manfred told ESPN. The MLB Commissioner only applied a penalty to two people for the signal theft scandal: Mexican general manager Jeff Luhnow and manager AJ Hinch Both were punished for a year and subsequently fired from the team. Manfred added that a punishment to the players would have created a disagreement with the MLB players’ union and that they would have argued Luhnow’s failure to communicate the content of the Astros players from a 2017 report describing MLB’s policy on the misuse of technology, such as signal theft. “The players, some of them, admitted that they did the wrong thing.”



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