Mlb: Vaccination Scheme Adds A New Twist To Trading

MLB: Vaccination Scheme Adds a New Twist To Trading

Trade deadlines are always a busy time for the Tour’s 30 GMs.

Another factor now comes into play: COVID-19 vaccination status.

“It’s definitely one of the new things that I wasn’t worried about before,” said Pirates general manager Ben Cherrington. I think it’s clear that you want to feel like you can play, but this is a new world and it’s a personal decision.”


These decisions are important because MLB’s rules regarding COVID-19 affect all 30 teams differently.

Arizona Diamondbacks general manager Mike Hazen said a player’s vaccination status will affect negotiations “to some extent,” but a lot, especially for a team that doesn’t need to travel to Canada in the near future. I do not believe that it will be a determining factor in the trading of

Hazen added that since vaccination status is part of a player’s medical record, there should be no secrets as teams can discuss the details.

As the only MLB team in Canada, the Toronto Blue Jays face their worst restrictions. Foreigners who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 will not be allowed entry, with limited exceptions requiring a 14-day quarantine.

Athletes who are not vaccinated will be placed on the restricted list, will not receive compensation, and will not count towards service time.

That means vaccinations will be required to get him from the Blue Jays, who are contending for an American League playoff spot. That also means teams that have to travel to Toronto for the rest of their regular schedule must consider whether they’re willing to acquire players who could miss an important series. .

The Yankees, Guardians, Rays, Orioles, Red Sox, Angels and Cubs will play in Toronto after the August 2nd trade deadline. Toronto general manager Ross Atkins declined an interview request through the team’s spokesperson.

Several teams have had to travel to Canada without their best players this season. I traveled without a player.

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