MLB World Series 2019: The White House And Donald Trump Receive The Nationals With The Team's 'anthem', The 'Baby Shark'

MLB World Series 2019 Washington's ninth visits the president after winning the World Series

The White House and Donald Trump receive the Nationals with the team's 'anthem', the 'Baby Shark'

The Washington Nationals visited President Donald Trump at the White House on Monday, as a reason for the celebrations of having won the first World Series in franchise history.


After announcing in the front garden the arrival of the team, a band then became the unofficial anthem of the team: the song of Baby Shark.

Why did this song become the unofficial Nats anthem? Because Washington fans sing 'Baby Shark' every time Gerardo Parra has to hit. That is the song that the Venezuelan chose to go out to hit as a tribute to his children.

The biggest choreography of the sport: 43,867 people dancing the Baby Shark


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