MLS: Oswaldo Alanís Reveals The Reason For Carlos Vela’s Success

During an interview for ESPN, the Mexican defender of San Jose Earthquakes Oswaldo Alanís, assured that Carlos Vela, compatriot and footballer of Los Angeles FC, has been benefited by the weak defenses that exist in the MLS, since most teams need to evolve more in that facet of the game.

“Although the league is competitive, in the defensive sector there are some things that still cost and need to be worked on, that favor a player like him (Vela), but he has quality and in any league he will do it, we have seen in the Spanish league, which he did as he wanted, “he said in an interview.

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Along the same lines, Alanís indicated that for this reason, the ‘Bomber’ has been able to maintain the level he showed for many years in Real Sociedad, since the level of the MLS has allowed him to do so, confessing also that several of his colleagues in the Oviedo, they had words of praise for Vela.

“I met in Oviedo with a couple of colleagues who were with him and spoke wonders; they said that Carlos Vela is a crack when he wants and does what he wants with rivals. That someone expresses this way about you in the Spanish league, imagine , here in the MLS, “he said.