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Molecular Biology Enables The Development Of Personalized Medicine

Cover of the report “Data in the era of personalized precision medicine” by the Roche Institute Foundation. Photo courtesy

The Roche Institute Foundation has published the document “Talking about Molecular Biology”.

It is the third document in this collection, after those focused on Precision Personalized Medicine and Artificial Intelligence, to continue generating and disseminating knowledge about the medicine of the future.

Talking about molecular biology. Roche Farma Institute Foundation

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In recent years, knowledge of the human genome has made it possible to discover genetic determinants, which, for example, could protect or facilitate COVID-19 infection, and which explain why not all people suffer from the disease in the same way or have the same forecast.

A key element in this area is molecular biology, which studies the interactions and processes that occur in living beings and their regulation.

Molecular biology is responsible for analyzing the flows of genetic information, focusing on the composition, structure and functions of two macromolecules, DNA and RNA (responsible for preserving and transmitting genetic information); as well as those of the proteins that are fundamental in the vital processes.

DNA contains all the information necessary to be translated into different types of proteins, which are in charge of the vital functions of living beings.

The discovery of the structure of DNA and the decipherment of the genetic code, the development of molecular techniques and the automation of processes have made it possible to delve into the “behavior” of genes at the origin of diseases in order to develop diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic approaches. .

Applications of molecular biology in health

The development of molecular biology has allowed not only the study of DNA and RNA from the structural point of view, but also to know the repercussions they have at the physiological level.

This discipline has had different applications in sectors as different as food or agriculture; but without a doubt, its greatest relevance is in the health sector, both for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as for the development of new drugs and vaccines.

In this sense, the advance in the knowledge of molecular biology has allowed the development of Personalized Precision Medicine, which enables a more appropriate preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic approach for each patient.

“Molecular biology has meant a great advance in the identification of new diagnostic methods and treatments, opening a path of knowledge about the genetic bases that could be involved in the appearance of certain diseases”, assures Consuelo Martín de Dios, managing director of the Roche Institute Foundation.



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