Montero Assures That The EU Will Not Accept Any Type Of Threat From Another Country

The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, has made it clear that “the European Union will not accept any type of threat from other countries” and that the digital tax (the so-called “Google tax”) is a necessity for the 21st century, ” not a whim or an eccentricity of any country against another country. “


This is how Montero referred this Thursday at a meeting in SER Andalucía to the withdrawal of the United States from the negotiations that are carried out within the framework of the OECD to agree on a global digital rate, as well as threats with retaliation to the rest Of the members.

The minister explained that the digital tax “is a necessity for the 21st century” because “we have an analog tax system and a digital economy”, which leads traditional businesses to pay proportionally more taxes than digital platforms.

“Neither Spain, nor France, nor Italy, nor the United Kingdom, no country is going to accept any type of threat from other countries”, Montero has made clear, adding that “it is not a legislation to harm the interests of others countries, but so that our taxation is orderly, fair and adapted to the circumstances of the present. “

Regarding other fiscal figures, the Minister of Finance has indicated that the Government will not carry out “a massive indiscriminate tax hike for all citizens” but rather seeks “a fair tax system, in which whoever else has more contribution and we all receive depending on our needs. “

The minister recalled that Spain has 7 points of fiscal effort margin compared to neighboring countries and that “it will not allow unfair competition between traditional and current businesses” for which she wants to apply the digital rate and that of financial transactions and insist in the fight against tax fraud.

Asked about the possibility of the government lowering the salaries of officials, as was done in the previous crisis, the minister has made it clear that “the response to the crisis will not consist of cuts” but rather “guarantee income and the productive fabric “.



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