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Categories: Health

Montevideo City Council Evaluates Fining The Association Of Medical Students – Information – 07/31/2020

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The Municipality of Montevideo is evaluating fining the Association of Medical Students for having held a party without the corresponding authorization from the departmental government, according to what was reported by Subrayado of Channel 10 and confirmed by El País.

This Friday around 550 doctors celebrated their reception in the Parque Batlle area.

Fernando Nopitsch, secretary general of the Montevideo Intendancy, told El País that the fine can range from 50 to 300 Resettable Units (UR).

Facundo Pérez, head of the department’s Departmental Coexistence Service, told El País that prior to the arrival of COVID-19 in Uruguay, some representatives of the Association of Medical Students had started the process to have a party at the Velodrome. The Mercado del Puerto is where the graduation of these professionals is traditionally celebrated, but the government of the capital prohibited that place from being used again for this.

The pandemic caused all permits for any type of public show or event to be revoked.

Despite this, this Friday “an event was held in a public space that needs authorization from the mayor,” said Pérez, adding that “the park was in terrible condition and no one was held responsible.”

The doctors’ celebration provoked criticism from the Health Minister, Daniel Salinas. “Today is a bittersweet day. On the one hand, it is a great joy to see the culmination of a formative stage for many young people who today obtain, after much effort, their title of Doctors of Medicine,” wrote the hierarch on his Twitter account. .

“On the other hand, we are saddened and concerned about the lack of empathy and understanding when it comes to conducting some celebrations in the midst of a pandemic without any type of facial protection or maintaining the necessary and recommended distance,” added Salinas. “Each one of us counts when it comes to continuing to combat this difficult health situation we are experiencing,” concluded his message.


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