Montoyo Organizes Videoconference And Feliz Happy Hour ’with Coaches

TORONTO (AP) – Charlie Motoyo launched a curveball to spice up the videoconferencing he routinely holds with the Blue Jays coaches while baseball is paralyzed by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve had a lot of Zoom conferences and things like that. I changed them a little bit and decided to do a conference with ‘happy hour’ so that we could have a little fun with this, ”the Toronto manager said Thursday.


The Puerto Rican pilot’s conversations led to another idea: An exclusive conference call for Blue Jays players to review how everyone’s spirits are during the general confinement.

The first of those calls will be made before the end of the week.

“We had very good momentum before the campaign,” Montoyo said of the performance of his youthful squad in Florida, where the rest of the preseason was canceled due to the health emergency. “Our culture was great, the preseason was amazing, and we don’t want that to end.”

Optimistic by nature, Montoyo remains focused on finding positive aspects amid the confusion and anxiety generated by this crisis.

“There is a saying that says: ‘There is no evil that for good does not come,'” Montoyo said. “I don’t know if I made it up, but I think I’ve heard it before.”

Montoyo said left-handed pitcher Ryan Borucki has resumed his pitches in Florida, after stopping activity in February due to pain resulting from surgery he underwent in August to remove bone spurs from his elbow.

“It is gaining intensity and volume, and it feels very good, without setbacks,” said the Puerto Rican manager.