More Handsome Than Ever, Luis Miguel Reappears In Acapulco And Turns The Port On Its Head

As it was not long ago, this weekend, Luis Miguel visited one of his most spoiled destinations: Acapulco. After a while of not being seen in public at the port, El Sol came out more resplendent than ever to go to a restaurant, from the hand of his girlfriend, Mollie Gould. According to information from the journalist, Ana María Alvarado, who witnessed the moment, the singer was more handsome than ever.




"He looked very handsome, very thin, very well accompanied by Mollie Gould, they went hand in hand," said the journalist in his space of the program Sale el Sol. He said that due to the popularity of the singer it was very difficult to find a place in which he and his girlfriend could have dinner without being disturbed: “There were not so many people because it was 7:00, 7:30 at night, then you can sit at a table taking advantage of the fact that there were no people on the right side, but of course , everyone on top, the manager, who tells him what meat he wants, what cut, ”he explained.


He commented that, although the singer promised to pose for several photos, they simply did not let me start dinner: “They started to approach him at the table and Luis Miguel said:‘ If you allow me to have dinner, I end up giving photos to everyone ’. Nobody paid attention to him, everyone, photos, photos and more photos (…) Luis Miguel discussed with the manager where he could sit because they don't let him have dinner. He tells him that on the side I was on, because there were few people (…) he gets off with the bride's hand; I see it coming, he sits at the table next to him, but they all got their phones back, he stops, he looks at me with a killing look, grabs Mollie again and takes her away, ”he said.

The entertainment journalist confessed that she does not know if the singer recognized her, but was upset when she realized that she had planned to take a photo: “I don't know if she met me or she didn't know me, but she saw me with a phone in her hand, she said, 'not here They will bother me the same and went to the top. I heard him say, "It's that I want to be at the bottom, why can I never?"


Although Ana María Alvarado did manage to take a photo, she did not get the singer to pose next to her, something that a comedian who was also in the place did: “El Costeño went and asked for a photo, he gave it, but He said: 'Yes, I will give it to you, but I do not allow you to upload it, because otherwise the press will come.' Yes, El Costeño uploaded it, but he got an emoji. But see how thin he is, with a white shirt, very good, very handsome, it looks like he is happy with the girlfriend, ”he said.

He commented that by the time El Sol finished dinner, the press had already gathered outside the place; However, it came from the other side and they could not capture the moment: "They took it out from the back, because there was already a press, nobody could take it and they no longer let anyone see the Sun," the journalist concluded.