More Than 18 Million People In Southern California Under Red Flag Warnings, And The Fire Threatens To Return To The North Of The State This Weekend

(CNN) – There are extremely critical fire conditions throughout Southern California throughout Friday.

Strong winds sustained at 48 km / h are expected with gusts of up to 112 km / h, along with single-digit relative humidity values, and temperatures above 26 to 32 degrees Celsius will lead to these dangerous conditions.

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The strongest winds will be felt in the morning hours throughout southern California before calming down on Friday. Red flag warnings are published for more than 18 million people throughout the region and includes the Los Angeles and San Diego subways.

However, the fire threat is not over after today.

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Another round of very strong winds combined with dry fuels and critically low relative humidity values ​​will be present in Northern California, throughout the Sacramento Valley, starting Saturday night through Sunday. A fire alert has been issued for more than 7 million people from Redding to Sacramento, including the surrounding regions.