More Than 60 Countries Show Their Support For The ICC Against Trump Sanctions

More than half of the member countries of the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a joint statement on Tuesday showing their “unwavering support” to the court in the face of the sanctions announcement by US President Donald Trump.


“We reiterate our commitment to uphold the principles and values ​​enshrined in the Rome Statute – the founding letter of the ICC – and preserve its integrity without being intimidated by measures or threats against the Court, its officials and those who cooperate with it,” said 67 States Parties to the tribunal, made up of 123 countries.

The statement is a response to the executive order signed by Trump announced two weeks ago that authorizes the blockade of assets of Hague officials and opens the door to prohibit access to the United States, both for them and their families.

“We will continue to respect our cooperation obligations with the Rome Statute and we ask all States to guarantee full cooperation with the Court,” said the signatory countries, including Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, Costa Rica. or Venezuela, among others.

They recalled that the ICC is a court of last resort, since it only intervenes when “states are unwilling or unable to carry out national judicial procedures in a reliable manner.”

Trump’s sanctions announcement came after the ICC-authorized investigation into possible war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by US troops in Afghanistan.

In a recent interview with Efe, the ICC presiding judge, Chile Eboe-Osuji, urged the member countries of the court to “stand up and say they disagree.”



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