More Than 7,100 Deaths From Coronavirus In The US; Authorities Now Recommend Covering Your Mouth And Nose In Public | Univision Salud News

▶ ️ More than 1,100,000 confirmed cases worldwide and more than 59,000 deaths.

▶ ️In the US it amounts to more than 7,100 deaths and more than 278,000 infections. The US records the highest number of deaths in a day: 1,480.

▶ ️ President Donald Trump announced Friday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends wearing a plain cloth mask in public places. But he said he chooses not to use it.


▶ ️ Americans without health insurance will be covered if they get coronavirus, Health Secretary Alex Azar announced Friday. “Health care providers will be prohibited from billing the uninsured for the cost of their care,” he said.

▶ ️ Unemployment rises to 4.4% in the US. It breaks a streak of 10 consecutive years of job creation that began at the beginning of the Obama era.

▶ ️ A practical guide to coronavirus: ✔️ Who to call if you have symptoms? ✔️ Will it cost you money to get tested for the virus? ✔️What do I do if I call my doctor and he doesn’t respond? Those and other answers in this link.



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