More Than 90,000 Deaths In The United States From Coronavirus

Washington – Deaths from coronavirus in the United States today exceeded 90,000, at a time when the corroborated cases of this disease were more than 1.5 million.

Data from Johns Hopkins University indicate that until this afternoon the deaths from the novel virus were 90,312.

The University of Washington model, which is often used by the White House, now projects 147,040 deaths from the coronavirus by August 4, double the estimate it had before state and local governments began to gradually open the economy.


Reports from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) last week reflected a drop in the number of positive cases, although experts have warned that the corroboration of people with the disease depends on the total molecular tests that are done. .

CDC data indicates that the week of May 11-17, 155,861 cases of coronavirus were reported in the United States, compared to 172,116 on May 4-10.

An analysis by The New York Times, however, reflected that only 15 states and Washington D.C. record a downward curve of new coronavirus cases.

There are, however, jurisdictions that had a serious crisis in recent weeks that have shown a significant drop, such as New York and Louisiana.

Meanwhile, in Texas, an increase in positive cases was reported over the weekend, at a time when it is sought to open the economy in stages.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson told CNN Sunday that there was an increase in cases over the weekend in Texas, although he warned that it will take a week or two to assess the spread of cases in his state.

In the United States, only Connecticut and Washington D.C. They have not softened orders to companies and citizens to stay at home, except when going out to offer or seek essential services.

In New York and Virginia, however, the decision to initiate a slow reopening does not include the areas most affected by the novel virus. For example, New York City believes it won’t be until at least mid-June that it will begin to ease its restrictions.

In Virginia, Governor Ralph Northam, at the request of the counties, excluded the northern part of the state, adjacent to the US capital, from the gradual reopening order.