Morena Uses Its Majority To Pass The Planning Law In Commissions

Chavira said he would answer these questions after his proposal was generally voted and reservations in particular were discussed later. He also defended the opinion he officially delivered just Tuesday.

"(We see) the vertebral interest of what is intended when making a planning system, this document has been known to you and me, ideas, brainstorming, structures, data, information, from months ago," he said.

However, Döring got up and left the room after the vote in general. The reservations were kept and will be presented to the plenary of the Congress this Thursday, when the 66 legislators discuss the norm.


Others who left the session were Gabriela Salido and Margarita Saldaña, of the PAN; Miguel Ángel Salazar, of the PRI, and Víctor Hugo Lobo, of the PRD.

“Once the possibility of discussion in the process along what is this opinion has not been contemplated, leaving evidence that the participation of citizens in the entire process of capital construction is being mutilated, it would be our irresponsible part continue, ”Lobo warned upon his departure.