Moreno Opens The Door To a "claiming" 28F If Sanchez Uses "the Door Slam"

Seville, Jan 8 (EFE) .- The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has opened the door this Wednesday to a 28F "claim" if the new government to preside over Pedro Sánchez does not take into account the community, does not give shows understanding and uses "the slam, the snooping and the contempt" to the region.

Moreno, who has chaired the second meeting of the Social Dialogue Board, has thus influenced his statements this morning, in which he already warned that if there is no fair treatment of the community by the central government, consummating privileges to other territories, will ask citizens to go outside.

"I want the 28F (Andalusia Day) to be a holiday, I would not like it to be a vindictive day, but if in the end we do not take into account the tables can be changed," said Moreno.


In any case, it would be the Andalusians who would go out and the autonomous government would "behind" them, he added.

If there is no fair treatment or dialogue with Andalusia, the Andalusian Government has "the obligation" to react "with determination" with all the means at its disposal, whether judicial, political or social, said the head of the Executive.

Moreno has insisted that he holds out his hand and hopes that there will be a "fruitful and honest" dialogue, since he has assured that he has "all the will" to understand the new Government.

However, he has refused to confuse moderation with determination, so no one can think that the Andalusian Government will not have "the firm determination to stand up" to any "asymmetry or injustice" that is committed with Andalusia.

"We don't want anyone to look us up and down," said Moreno, who for the moment is going to let "time run" to see if there is a "reflection" of Sanchez, although for now he understands that there has not been "a minimum of courtesy or institutional loyalty. "

Moreno has admitted that the Coalition Government between PSOE and United We can generate "uncertainty" and is concerned that there is an "axis of influence" between Catalonia and the Basque Country in which they "forget" the South and harm Andalusia. EFE

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