Mormon Families Flee To The US After Killings In Mexico

Phoenix.- A man from Utah who helped his mother and other relatives flee from northern Mexico after the recent massacre said Sunday that most escaped to Arizona with what he could get into their cars and trucks and will probably never return.

More than 100 people left their rural community in northern Mexico on Saturday in a caravan of 18 vehicles after Monday's attack, in which nine women and children were reportedly killed by drug cartels hired assassins.

"I went there to get my mother and my family, my brothers and many children," Mike Hafen said Sunday in a telephone interview from his sister's house in Phoenix.


They lived there 47 years. They left with the minimum, what they could put in the bed of my truck ”, – he said.-“ After living there 47 years, they had to leave almost everything ”.

Hafen said many of his family and friends believe they will never return to Mexico due to drug cartels.

"It is getting worse. There is nothing but corruption. You don't know who you can trust, ”he said. – "Some members of my family say they will never return."

“It's pretty hard for everyone and it's sad. I grew up there. It was a wonderful place to live. I love the place. Growing up there wouldn't change it for anything, ”said Hafen, 54, who moved to Utah 15 years ago. “But what he is doing is not safe. We have noticed".

Monday's deadly attack occurred while women traveled with their children to visit relatives. Eight children, some infants, survived the ambush.

The extensive community dates back more than a century, when the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints put an end to polygamy, forcing polygamous Mormon families in the United States to seek other countries to live.