Moscow Asks That After The Summit On Libya In Berlin Not Repeat The Same Mistakes

MOSCOW, Jan. 17 (EFE) .- Russia is confident in the indefinite nature of the ceasefire declared in Libya and asks the parties to the conflict not to repeat the 'same mistakes' after the Berlin Conference next Sunday, the minister of Russian exteriors, Sergey Lavrov.

'The ceasefire, declared before the arrival (of the parties to the conflict) in Moscow is respected despite everything and this is already a step forward. We are confident that it will extend for an indefinite period, 'Lavrov said during his traditional annual press conference on the priorities of Russian foreign policy.

The head of diplomacy defended the importance of 'the Libyan parties do not repeat the mistakes made in the past and do not present new conditions, accusing each other' after the Berlin conference on January 19.


Lavrov confirmed Russia's participation in the summit because 'the more countries are' looking for a political solution to the Libyan conflict, the more possibilities there are to achieve it.

At the moment, he said, the head of the Libyan National Army, Marshal Jalifa Hafter, and the head of the Tripoli Government recognized by the UN, Fayed al Serraj, have 'very tense' relations and 'do not even want to be in it room'.

The Berlin meeting was convened last week by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin after more than ten months of fighting that has killed more than 1,500 people – about 300 of them Libyan civilians – caused injuries to more than 15,000 and forced about 100,000 citizens to leave their homes and become internally displaced.

Putin himself, in collaboration with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, achieved a ceasefire in Libya last week.

The armistice entered into force last Sunday and is still relatively respected on the ground despite repeated mutual accusations of rape by two rival forces.

At the same time, on Monday in Moscow interlibrary negotiations were held for a permanent ceasefire in the country that concluded without agreement. EFE

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