Motagua Directive And Its Reaction After The Words Of Félix Crisanto On Olympia – Ten

Juan Carlos Suazo, financial president of Motagua, gave news about the team in an interview with Diez. The manager detailed how the negotiations are going to renew the seven players who were left without a link. Similarly, he referred to the words of Félix Crisanto, who assured that he would gladly wear Olimpia’s shirt.

“We have spoken with the representative of Roberto Moreira and with all the others to renew his contracts. We have not received any communication from Diego Vázquez in order to hire a particular player, only the fact of being able to renew the contracts, ”he began counting.



Suazo also reported on youth players Jack Baptiste, Robel Bernárdez and César Romero, footballers who were on loan at Real de Minas.

“There are several who were at Minas, we are going to have to recheck our strategies. We have supported other clubs with loans but now we will see where we are going to send our players. We realized that at the National League level, the representatives of some clubs are employees of certain teams. They are going to come back from Minas and we are going to see what Diego Vázquez tells us about them ”.

He also reported on Josué Villafranca: “In Villafranca’s case, the idea is that he can have minutes and it will be seen where he can be sent, which is that he will be the team’s top scorer later on.”


“If there is an opportunity to wear Olimpia’s shirt, I will do it with great pleasure,” were the words of Félix Crisanto this week. Juan Carlos Suazo detailed whether within the Motagua board of directors they were bothered by these statements.

“With the case of Félix Crisanto I remind myself that it was an investment that was made at the time, it has been very important for Motagua and he has been in the National Team, he has the power to speak with any team, let us also remember that between Motagua and Olimpia has an agreement not to make contracts while the other club does not rule it out, Motagua has not ruled it out and is looking to renew it ”.

And he ended up counting: “We are not uncomfortable with these statements, we are very confident with him. He has been at the club for several years and has given satisfactions, it was a question that was asked and well, there is no problem if he wants to play at another club at some point, but he has said that his priority is Motagua, he is looking to renew his contract ” .