Mother Takes Her Son Totally Healthy 323 Times To The Hospital And Now She Will Pay 6 Years In Jail | Univision 23 Dallas Ft. Worth KUVN

According to the Child Protection Services Christopher was taken to hospitals and pediatricians 323 times in the cities of Dallas and Houston. The child lived connected to an oxygen mask and sometimes became prostrated in a wheelchair as a result of invasive and unnecessary treatments for his health.

"I was always saying that Christopher was sick. Every week. Every month. He always said 'something is wrong, has this or that," said the father of the child who separated from the mother for these actions.

According to the court documents between 2009 and 2016, the child underwent 13 surgeries. His mother, 34, said his son was dying, first of a rare genetic disease and then cancer.


These alleged diseases were excuses for women to hold fundraising events. In 2014, the woman collected $ 30,000 in a bicycle rally in order to help pay the child's medical bills.

However, in 2017 several hospitals reported their suspicions about the mother's actions, getting the Child Protective Services to take away the custody of the child and that of his two brothers.

On the other hand, a specialist testified that the child's mother was trying to make Christopher sick when he said that the child had had a seizure, however no medical signs or symptoms were found about the episode. This case, coupled with the long history of women, led to his arrest.

Finally last Friday the trial against him ended and Kaylene Bowen-Wright was sentenced to six years in prison after pleading guilty to hurting the child.

It is believed that women could suffer from Münchhausen syndrome, a mental disorder characterized by making someone in their care sick or invent symptoms to get attention.

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