Murder of a man in Baltimore while broadcasting a party on Facebook

Murder Of a Man In Baltimore While Broadcasting a Party On Facebook

BALTIMORE, Maryland – Baltimore police were investigating the shooting death of a man who hosted a game party at a vacation rental house and broadcast it live on Facebook, according to a local councilman.

The video recorded by the victim shows Ernest Wilson III walking around the party at the house and playing hide and seek in the early hours of Saturday. Then he goes to the backyard to look for people when, suddenly, an attacker is seen climbing the fence. Someone orders Wilson to lie down on the floor. The recording ends after what seems the sound of a commotion in the place.

Democratic Councilor Eric Costello said on his Facebook account that the police had told him that there were two attackers asking for money.


Wilson used to throw parties in the city, according to the Baltimore Sun, citing the victim’s social media accounts. Wilson began his video by telling people to contact him if they wanted to attend. In another post that night, he wrote that there were only 15 people at the site and invited others to join in for “just five dollars.”

Maryland’s confinement order prohibits gatherings of more than 10 people, in an attempt to curb the spread of the new coronavirus.