“My Addictions Are Due To Harry Potter”: Daniel Radcliffe’s Heartfelt Confession

In the history of cinema, it is full of children and adolescents who dazzled the big screen and became great international stars.

Sometimes this precocious fame can bring some inconveniences in the private lives of these people, some cases like those of Drew Barrymore and Macaulay Culkin are an example of this.Daniel Radcliffe, known for being the one who embodies none other than Harry Potter, made some statements about it.

My alcoholism is due to Harry Potter. I was wondering if he would continue to be the magician of Hogwarts forever, the actor said in an interview for an Italian TV show.


In part, the cause of everything that happened to me was panic. The adventure was over and he wasn’t sure what he would do next, he continued. Radcliffe.

Recall that the saga lasted a decade between the first and last film. The artist was 11 years old when he started and 21 when he finished shooting the final film.

I was not comfortable with myself, nor with the sober version of me. So drink, explained the English. It seems that by having a great job and being rich you don’t have the right to be sad or uncomfortable, he concluded.