‘My Poor Little Angel 2’: Donald Trump Resigns From The Hollywood Screen Actors Guild And He Thanks Him

Former US President Donald Trump resigned this February 4, 2021 from his position in the Hollywood Actors Guild after his board approved to study disciplinary measures against him for alleged incitement to violence during the assault on the Capitol .

In a poisoned letter exchange, Trump assured that he did not mind being expelled from the organization to which he had belonged since 1989, since it had “never done anything for him” and asked for his immediate dismissal, to which the SAG-AFTRA union He replied with a terse “thank you”.

“Your organization has done little for its members and nothing for me, apart from collecting fees and promoting anti-American policies and ideas,” said the former president.


A weeks ago, the SAG-AFTRA board approved by a large majority to study disciplinary measures against Trump, which contemplated the fulminating expulsion for the series of allegations about electoral fraud without evidence and his alleged incitement to violence that led to the assault on Congress of the United States on January 6, when legislators certified the victory of Joe Biden.

SAG-AFTRA, the largest trade union in the entertainment world, represents more than 100,000 film and television professionals. It also integrates comedians, presenters, journalists and artists from different disciplines.

“His reckless disinformation campaign was intended to discredit and ultimately threaten the safety of journalists, many of whom are members of SAG-AFTRA,” the organization explained.

Trump, “proud” of his cameos in film and television

But Trump preferred to leave on his own, not without first remembering that he is “very proud” of his work in three films: My poor little angel 2 ‘,’ Zoolander ‘and’ Wall Street: money never sleeps’. All of them cameos of a few seconds.

In the case of the first, the most famous of all, Trump’s participation was summarized in 10 seconds on the screen, in which he indicates a character a direction on the street, and that he achieved after allowing the team to shoot in one of your hotels.

In addition, the former president noted that “while he is unfamiliar with the union’s work,” he has contributed to the media industry by raising the audiences of news channels “after entering politics.”

“I have created thousands of jobs at MSDNC (MSNBC in its real name) and Fake News CNN (CNN),” he says.

According to The Hollywood Reporter newspaper, Trump had a pension plan associated with the union and still received “royalties” for the broadcast of the formats in which he had cameos.



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