Mykola Borovets, The Gym Acrobat Who Triumphs On Instagram

Gymnast, fitness athlete and personal trainer, Russian Mykola Borovets is very popular on Instagram and social networks for his stunts while doing weights. His specialty is somersaults, but he is also able to walk on treadmills while doing pine or jump on two boxes without falling. A mixture of calisthenics, fitness, parkour and sports gymnastics in which Borovets always achieves the most difficult.

His most surprising movement, without a doubt, is the somersault while holding a bar with discs, squat included. The benefits of this exercise? Without a doubt, do not hurt yourself or hit yourself while turning and, if anything, strengthen the core. The usefulness of these skills is relative and, although Mykola has a strong and defined muscles, the appeal of her instagram is to surprise her followers every day with a new acrobatics.

But he is not the only circus artist of the networks, the Impact Brothers, two Spanish brothers who participated in Got Talent, of Telecinco, and former dancers of break dance and dance, also surprise with their juggling as a couple.


In the case of Borovets, he also has more normal videos training the dorsal of the back with dumbbells, the legs with squats or the deadlift with an Olympic bar. He has even competed in crossfit and calisthenics tests in his native Russia.

Finally, we leave you this other circus video climbing the stairs of his house doing the pine …