Nahualapan: The Place Of Ancestral Rituals And Herbal Medicine

Nahualapan: The Place Of Ancestral Rituals And Herbal Medicine

In the beautiful municipality of Armería you can find a corner full of mysticism, rituals, healing and relaxation, a place where you will find the perfect connection between nature, body and soul, it is Nahualapan, a small town located on the shores of El Paraíso Beach . If everyday life has you stressed, this place is the one for you and yours.

From your arrival in the town you will feel that the environment is already conceived differently, the sea breeze, the blue sky, its beautiful streets and you will notice an air of mysticism and good energy. In some areas of the town you will see people dressed in their traditional costumes, if you are lucky you will hear drum music in the background. We are sure that you will be comfortable and relaxed.

Nahualapan is known for its shamanic rituals, pre-Hispanic tradition, its connection with nature, ancestral ceremonies, cleansing, herbal medicine, temazcal baths, and massages to improve health. The inhabitants of the area have great respect for all this culture and carry it out every day.


Nahualapan Festival

Our suggestion is that you visit the town during the month of May, because during this month the well-known Festival of Nahualapan takes place, the festivity lasts three days and during this time contingents of people interested in spirituality from states of the Republic as: Michoacán, State of Mexico, Coahuila, Zacatecas and Puebla.

Nahualapan Festival in Playa el Paraíso.

If you take a tour of Nahualapan on these dates, you will suddenly see yourself surrounded by incense and aromatic herbs that will transport you to another plane. You will listen to people singing songs and you will see the amazing pre-Hispanic dances that take place during the celebration. It’s like you’re in a fantasy movie.

But the best of all is that you can be a part of the festivity, as you will have the opportunity to witness: workshops, cleaning, medical consultations (traditional medicine), prayers to the ancestors, vigils, songs, street markets of objects alluding to spiritual well-being and various rituals.

All this is done to honor the ancient gods and give thanks for the blessings received and ask for the coming months. It is a way to connect with nature and remember our roots. Furthermore, these rituals also have healing and protection powers.

If you decide to attend this little piece of paradise from Colima outside the month of May, you will still be able to enjoy a colorful and quiet beach, and even if you wish, there are places where you can rent a temazcal and a spiritual guide will be guiding you during the process.

What Nahualapan offers is unique, it doesn’t matter if you are a skeptic or a believer, I assure you that you will have an exceptional experience. Of course, go with an open mind and willing to relax and let yourself be surprised. You will not regret!

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