Nancy Pelosi asks for more funds to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

Nancy Pelosi Asks For More Funds To Fight The COVID-19 Pandemic

Washington – Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi continued Tuesday to press for the next plan to combat the COVID-19 pandemic – a package of more than $ 800 billion to be revealed soon – though the chamber remains closed. while the Senate reopens.

The key to reopening the economy, according to Democrats, is a vigorous campaign of COVID-19 testing of the population. They are also expected to propose a new direct delivery of funds to people, states to prevent layoffs, and companies to shore them up while the order to stay home continues.

“We do not yet have an adequate national testing strategy,” head of the Democratic Senate Bloc Chuck Schumer said Tuesday. He said it is a shame and “a matter of life and death.”


The outline of the new package is beginning to take shape despite the fact that Republicans are reluctant to allocate more funds and the debate on how best to combat the deadly pandemic and the economic devastation it causes is deepening.

President Donald Trump encourages states to reopen their economies, and Republicans hope this will give an initial boost to the economy, reducing pressure for more aid.

“It is time to go back to work,” Trump said Tuesday at the White House.

The Senate reconvened on Monday under strict interpersonal distancing rules, while the lower house remains closed amid fears for health, in a troubled Congress that reflects the nation’s unrest. The capital is a highly contagious area in which the confinement rules apply.

The head of the majority bloc, Mitch McConnell, reopened the chamber and focused the agenda on the confirmation of those appointed by Trump for high positions in the government rather than in the pandemic.

McConnell insisted Tuesday that any aid package must include legal protections for hospitals, health personnel and businesses that reopen amid the pandemic.

However, the Republican leader was also interested in reinforcing testing strategies as something of central importance to take steps “back to normal.”

“Testing, tracing, and treatment,” McConnell said on the premises. “Our task forward will be to continue looking for well thought-out solutions.”



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