Nancy Pelosi Invites Donald Trump To Testify Before Investigators

Washington – The president of the lower house Nancy Pelosi invited President Donald Trump to testify in the political trial investigation against him, just when several key witnesses will testify publicly.

Rejecting the president's accusations that the process has been settled against him, Pelosi said Trump is welcome to appear or answer questions in writing, if he wishes.

"If he has exculpatory information, which takes away his guilt, then we hope to see her," the congresswoman said in an interview broadcast Sunday on CBS. Trump "could appear before the commission and speak, say all the truths he wants to say, if he wants to do it."


Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer spoke in the same tenor.

“If Donald Trump does not agree with what he is hearing, he does not like what he is listening, he should not tweet. He should go to the commission and testify under oath. And he should allow all the people around him to come before the commission to testify under oath, ”Schumer told reporters. He noted that the White House's insistence on blocking witnesses so that they do not cooperate raises the question: "What are you hiding?"

Lawmakers made those comments while the House of Representatives Intelligence Commission prepares for the second week of public hearings in their investigation, which includes the testimony of the man who is perhaps the most important witness: Gordon Sondland, ambassador of the government of Trump before the European Union. He is the only person interviewed so far who had direct conversations with the president about the situation, because the White House has prevented other people from cooperating with what he considers to be a farce.

And the testimonies suggest that Sondland was very involved in conversations that are at the center of the investigation, about whether Trump withheld US military aid to Ukraine to pressure the president of that country to announce a search to the Democrats, including the former Vice President Joe Biden, one of the leading candidates for the Democratic nomination for the presidency by 2020, and his son Hunter.

Multiple witnesses said they had heard a telephone conversation in which Trump and Sondland talked about attempts to make the Ukrainian government conduct such research. In private testimony to investigators of the political trial process released on Saturday, Tim Morrison, former advisor to the National Security Council and a Republican expert on defense matters, said Sondland told him that he was dialoguing directly with Trump on Ukrainian affairs.

Morrison said Sondland and Trump spoke about five times between July 15 and September 11, the weeks in which the $ 391 million of US assistance to Ukraine was withheld before they were delivered.

Morrison said Sondland told a senior Ukrainian official at a meeting that vital US military aid could be delivered if the country's chief prosecutor "stands in front of a microphone and announces that the investigation into Burisma will begin," the company of gas that hired Hunter Biden.

In the interview with CBS, Pelosi promised to protect the informant whose complaint unleashed the political trial investigation against Trump.

"I will make sure" that the president "does not intimidate" the complainant, Pelosi said.



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