NASA Denies That FT3 Asteroid Will Impact Earth

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Mexico City / 03.10.2019 01:05:45

To sleep peacefully that no asteroid will crash on Earth today October 3! The version that emerged in previous weeks about the collision of the FT3 asteroid against our planet was denied by NASA.


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States did confirm the existence of the asteroid, but according to its calculations the chances that this asteroid collides with the planet are equivalent to 0.0000092%, that is, one in 11 million, A very unlikely number.

The FT3 asteroid is listed in the Sentinel risk table, which is an automated collision monitoring system that scans the list of nearby asteroids that could impact Earth for the next hundred years.

The mentioned space object, which has a diameter of 340 meters, will pass 138 million kilometers from Earth on October 3, 2019, so it does not present any real risk.

In October 2068, FT3 will approach 24.5 million kilometers, but it will not put anyone at risk.