NASA Ready The First Spacewalk Of Female Astronauts After Failed Attempt

The first spacewalk in which the protagonists would be only female astronauts, had to be canceled almost seven months ago due to a problem with the sizes of the space suits.

However, NASA announced that after having rescheduled this event, everything is practically ready for it to finally take place on October 21.

In this way, Christina Koch and Jessica Meir will become the first astronauts to complete a mission outside the International Space Station (ISS), when they are responsible for installing lithium-ion batteries to improve the ship's energy supply.


.@Astro_Jessica talks about the spacewalk assignment process and partnering with @Astro_Christina for the spacewalk scheduled on Oct. 21.

– Intl. Space Station (@Space_Station) October 4, 2019

"The existing nickel-hydrogen batteries will be updated with newer and more powerful lithium-i on batteries transported to the station aboard the Japanese H-II transfer vehicle that arrived on September 28," NASA said in a statement.

Kock, 40, is born in the United States and had been selected for the March walk, while Meir, 42, is also an American, a Swiss mother and an Israeli father.

During the spacewalk in which only women would participate, Koch and his colleague Anne McClain were expected to make an intervention in one of the IAS power supply channels, however, it was suspended due to the lack of a suitable suit for one of the two astronauts who had to participate in that task.

It should be noted that, since the launch of the IEE, various astronauts and cosmonauts have completed more than 200 spacewalks to build and repair the station. Only 15 women have starred in one of those walks and always accompanied by a male astronaut.