NASA Scientist Says They Found Life On Mars In The ‘70s

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10/19/2019 | 03: 43 p.m.

Find life
as we know it on other planets is one of the goals of the main
world space agencies, but this would have happened more than four years ago
decades on Mars. This was stated by a NASA scientist.


"I'm convinced
that we found evidence of life on Mars in the 1970s, ”he says
Gilbert V. Levin, who was principal investigator of the Viking mission of the
NASA on Mars, in an article in Scientific American.

Levin has
caused controversy with his claim about the Labeled Release experiment
(LR) of the Viking mission, which in 1976 reported positive results from
microbial breathing These results were discarded by NASA at
consider them the product of inorganic chemical reactions, typical of a
lifeless environment.

In its
article, the researcher notes that on July 30, 1976 results of
four LR experiments tested positive for organism interaction
microbial These data, he reiterates, were confirmed by five controls
varied. Their provisional conclusions were published in December of that
year in the journal Science.

Levin indicates that the curves obtained on the red planet were similar to those
LR tests performed on Earth on microbial respiration. But then the Experiment
of Molecular Analysis, could not detect organic matter on Mars, so
which NASA concluded that they had detected a substance that mimicked life.

The expert
wonders why NASA did not send life detection instrument in its
following missions to corroborate the results obtained by the Viking mission,
Well, for him, these results are promising enough to
Keep investigating in that regard.

Levin says
which, to affirm that there is life on Mars, is based on the fact that there are
"Positive results of a microbiological test", confirmation of
data on both ships of the Viking mission and the fact that in all this time
no "definitive non-biological explanation of the results" has emerged
in the LR experiment.

the evidence against the possibility of life on Mars? The amazing fact is
There are none. In addition, laboratory studies have shown that
some terrestrial microorganisms could survive and grow on Mars ”,