NASA Unveils The Artemis Program, Which Would Govern Coexistence On The Moon | WABNEWS

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) released the guidelines that will govern forays and work on the Moon and in which various nations are involved.

This is the Artemis program, a multinational workspace that seeks to “achieve a sustainable and solid presence on the Moon” while taking steps to carry out “a historic human mission on Mars,” explains a teaching document published by the agency. .


The execution of bilateral agreements of the Artemis Agreements, have as antecedent the Treaty of Outer Space of 1967.

The agency assures that “international cooperation in Artemis is intended not only to promote space exploration but also to improve peaceful relations between nations”, thereby taking for granted the requirement that “all activities be carried out for peaceful purposes”, in accordance with the principles of the Outer Space Treaty.

As a principle, Artemis points out, partner countries are required to “publicly describe their own policies and plans” in a transparent manner.

Among other modes of cooperation, the agreements establish international aid for the rescue of astronauts, their return, as well as the return of objects launched into outer space.

In addition, “Artemis partners will agree to follow NASA’s example, publishing their scientific data to ensure that everyone can benefit from the journey of exploration and discovery.”

Likewise, the fulfillment of the agreements will serve so that, together with the ability to extract and use resources on the Moon, Mars and asteroids, it can “support safe and sustainable space exploration and development”.