NASA Will Try To Control a Super Volcano That Could Destroy Humanity

In addition to wanting to reach the Moon again and pretend to conquer Mars, NASA has other equally important goals, and one of them is to save the planet Earth from annihilation.

All this, due to recent reports about a super volcano in Yellowstone National Park, which could erupt with enough force to destroy humanity and civilization.

This volcano erupts every 700,000 years and, according to NASA calculations, about 640,000 years have passed since the last time it did.


That is why the US space agency has put to work and, accord ing to Business Insider, plans to drill about 6 miles deep into the volcano, so that it can inject water at high pressure, to slowly lower the temperature.

The idea, according to the project, is to drill on the sides and not directly in the magma deposit. Although there might be the solution, the investment to carry out the plan is more than three billion dollars.

Under the Yellowstone National Park there is a huge reserve of magma that causes the eruptions of the geysers and the hot springs are active and bubbling all the time.

It is precisely that reserve that would have the potential to destroy us, since when the super volcano erupted its consequences would be devastating. The more the volcano warms up, the more gases are produced, the more magma melts and its level increases until it reaches a point where an explosion becomes inevitable.

To prevent this situation, the only thing that can be done is to cool the volcano, and apparently that is the goal of NASA.