Natalia Barulich confirms her breakup with Maluma

Natalia Barulich Confirms Her Breakup With Maluma

After so many rumors about the relationship between Maluma and Natalia Barulich,
Natalia Barulich confirms her breakup with Maluma after two years of dating their romance came to an end.

It was through a statement released by the Page Six portal that the real reasons why the model and the singer decided to end their relationship were announced.

“I love Juan Luis (Maluma) very much, but right now we need to take time for ourselves and our careers so that we can continue to grow as artists and individuals,” he writes.


These statements arrive just a few days after both were involved in various rumors that indicate that she already has an affair with football player Neymar, while he was captured with the model Winnie Harlow.

Natalia Barulich confirms her breakup with Maluma by “Mutual Agreement”

This release shows between them shows that Maluma and Natalia ended by mutual agreement and trying to clarify that their break-up is not due to third parties as previously reported by People magazine.

The reggaeton and the actress also met in 2017 during the filming of the video clip of “Felices Los Cuatro” or The Four of Us in english, where there was a lot of chemistry between them.

This news comes just now that Maluma is in the spotlight for the success of his “11:11” tour and the recording of the movie “Marry Me”, in which he will appear alongside Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson.

While Barulich remains very active in social networks, where he shares photographs of her recent participation as a model and other professional projects.

Why did she break up with Maluma

Rumors say that she was having an affair with Brazilian soccer star Neymar but she assured and said:

Neymar is only my friend and the media makes up all these lies.

The fashion model says she’s still single and remains very focused on her career including breaking into the music industry.  She confirmed that Maluma and her are still very close friends and he still very much in touch with their puppy named “Julieta”.  She also said that there is no bad blood between them and that she’s now concentrating on her new music project called “Selva”