Natalie Portman's Powerful Message To Fellow Hollywood Actresses About Equal Pay

It is one of the most visible faces of the Time’s Up movement and in the fight for equal pay in Hollywood. Natalie Portman, with more than fifty films behind her, believes that her colleagues must share salary details so that it is no longer a taboo subject. "If we do not talk to each other, we cannot share, we cannot obtain information, nor can we get angry and join the cause," the Oscar winner told Elle magazine.

The 38-year-old director and psychologist of Israeli origin said that it is necessary to speak and that shutting up because of fear or shame is not the solution. "Actually, it's the only way to help each other, saying:‘ Hey, they pay me this, I've negotiated this contract like this … ", he exemplified.

“If we don't talk to each other, we can't share, we can't get information, we can't get angry and organize together. It's really very important to talk, "said Portman.


Portman is a strong female activist and equal pay is another struggle to add to her list of claims. In its social networks, where it accumulates more than five million followers on Instagram, it is very focused on the rights of the LGBT community, and the care of the planet.

Portman's participation in the Time’s Up movement marked a before and after in his relationship with Hollywood. Before 2017, his friendships were almost out of the film industry, except for a handful of actors like the performer Rashida Jones.

In his interview with Elle, he talked about the difference in his feelings with the industry over the years. “When I went to the Oscars in 2009, I was standing there, and I felt totally scared, intimidated and alone. But after the Golden Globes in 2018, it was like going to a party with friends. "

In fact, it was in that gala of 2018, the year marked by Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, when the interpreter appeared dressed in black to symbolize mourning for abuses against women. When he had to give an award, his phrase was "here are all men nominated", a complaint to the lack of nominees for best address that was much applauded and became the most commented of the gala.

Time's Up has not only expanded its circle of friendship with people in the industry, including actors Reese Witherspoon (producer of Lucy in the Sky), Brie Larson and America Ferrera, and director Angela Robinson, but has generated a powerful network to get that change you want.

Portman is immersed in numerous works In addition to premiering and Lucy in the Sky, where she puts herself in the shoes of an astronaut, the actress will be in charge of giving voice to Disne's film, Dolphin Reef, will participate in the next superhero movie from Marvel, Thor: Love and Thunder (2021), and will star in and produce the HBO miniseries We are all completely beside ourselves.

Portman came to the news earlier this year when he went out to contradict musician Moby about the version that they both left when she was 20 and he was 33.

“I have recently read an article in which Natalie Portman said we never went out,” Moby said through her social networks, referring to the interview given by the Oscar-winner to Harper’s Bazaar. “I found it very confusing, because, really, we did go out. And after spending time together in 1999, we remain friends for years, ”added the artist. He added: “I like Natalie, I respect her intelligence and her activism. But to be completely honest, I can't understand why I would try to hide the truth about our love story (however brief it was, that it was). ”

In his autobiographical work, Moby, now 53, recounts even one of the visits he made to the interpreter while studying Psychology at Harvard University.

“We kissed under trees that had many centuries. At night, he took me to his room and we lay side by side in his small bed. After he fell asleep, I carefully moved away from his arms, ”he recalled, adding that this relationship generated anxiety. "I tried to be her boyfriend, but it didn't work out."

The response of the actress was not long in coming, and refers to an inappropriate behavior of Moby, who was much older than her. "I was surprised by the way he characterized me for the short time he met me, because my memory is that of a much larger man behaving in a disturbing way when I just finished high school," Portman told the aforementioned publication.

Finally, the artist publicly apologized to her.