Nationals Vs Astros (5-4): Summary, Result And Annotations

This is the duel boxscore where Nationals beat Astros in the Minute Maid Park.

The first World Series match is over. Correa replies to Gurriel and delivers out 27. Nationals takes the lead in the Fall Classic.

Nationals are one out of taking the first World Series game. Yuli Gurriel with the fly to the central meadow. Victor Robles catches.


Ninth entry, bottom. Astros have two outs of life in the game. Alex Bregman eats Doolittle's punch.

Nationals come out in order. Víctor Robles with the blow to the short stops that Correa runs smoothly.

Kurt Suzuki is completely dominated by Smith and receives chocolate.

Ryan Zimmerman with the grounder to the short stops. The out arrives on track 63.

Ninth entry, high part. Robinson Chirinos takes the place of Kyle Tucker and Joe Smith is the new Astros pitcher.

Michael Brantley fails to tie the duel. The patrolman with the out line to Juan Soto's glove. The penultimate inning is over.

Daniel Hudson abandons the duel and Sean Doolitle will seek to finish the eighth roll.

José Altuve cannot make the swing that draws the score. The Venezuelan with the out line that Adam Eaton catches in the right field.

George Springer with the contact. That ball was nothing left of home run, but stays in a double. Tucker scores and the marker squeezes.

Aledmys Díaz with the very long fly out that Victor Robles catches. Tucker takes advantage of the contact to enter second base.

Eighth entrance, lower part. Kyle Tucker takes the place of Martin Maldonado on the offensive and responds with the unstoppable.

Nationals are left wanting to do more races. Asdrubal Cabrera struck out swinging at the ball.

Juan Soto rushes and steals the intermediate. Carlos Correa was very close to withdraw the man.

Howie Kendrick is missing tonight. The DH with the line out to Michael Brantley's glove in the right field.

Juan Soto with an outstanding night. The Dominican with the rola that breaks the diamond for a single.

Harris responds quickly by withdrawing Rendón. The third baseman with the shot by José Altuve.

Eighth entrance, high part. The work of Gerrit Cole is over. Will Harris will supply the Astros opener.

This is how the score looks two entries from the end.

Yordan Álvarez is left to duty. The designated hitter eats Daniel Hudson's chocolate and the seventh roll is finished.

Carlos Correa with the single at short stops. The trails are congested and an unstoppable could tie the game.

Yuli Gurriel with the second out. The Cuban is removed with a direct hit to the glove of Cabrera in the intermediate.

Dave Martinez does not want to leave room for speculation and decides to withdraw Rainey. Closer Daniel Hudson must enter the game.

Rainey is lost. Again, he delivers the base by balls, now Alex Bregman is the beneficiary.

Michael Brantley gets the passport and the tie will come to bat.

José Altuve has not appeared much in the game. The Venezuelan is removed in the box with Rainey's first punch.

ASTROS ARE BACK! Rainey begins his work with his left foot. Springer connects the solitary four-corner hit to cut the distance to two scores.

Seventh entry, lower part. Corbin's work is finished. Tanner Rainey will leave the mound.

Nationals come out in order of the dish. Adam Eaton with the fly out to Michael Brantley's glove to the right field.

Gerrit Cole dispatches a pair of consecutive punches. Trea Turner is the most recent victim of the Astros opener.

Seventh entry, high part. Victor Robles fails to hurt and walks back to the booth with the punch in tow.

Two thirds of action is drained in the Minute Maid Park.

Aledmys Díaz enters the game supplying Josh Reddick. The pop-up fails to hit a roll that turns out on track 43.

Pair of punches for Corbin at the entrance. On this occasion Martín Maldonado is the victim of the serpentinero.

Yordan Álvarez has unstoppable in consecutive shifts. The Cuban with the line to the right garden.

Corbin responds quickly on the hill. Carlos Correa is like the chocolatito of the reliever.

Sixth entry, lower part. Change in the mound for Nationals. Scherzer leaves the game and Patrick Corbin is the one selected by Dave Martinez.

Kurt Suzuki with the ball in the middle. José Altuve is responsible for withdrawing the offense from Nationals.

DOUBLE PLAY! Zimmerman with the contact raised by José Altuve. The Venezuelan sends Correa in second and then Yuli Gurriel.

Sixth entry, high part. Asdrubal Cabrera exacerbates Cole's problems by connecting another unstoppable one.

This is boxscore at the end of five game rolls.

The seventh punch of Max Scherzer in the duel. Yuli Gurriel with the chocolate. The Nationals rally struck in the spirit of Astros and left in order.

Alex Bregman with the contact to the short stops. Trea Turner and Zimmerman combine to take the out in the initial.

Fifth entry, lower part. Michael Brantley kicks off the Astros offense with his left foot with an out line to the central meadow.

Howie Kendrick with the line that seemed unstoppable. Carlos Correa makes the spectacular set to get the third out.

Nationals gets the rally. Juan Soto with the double that towed Robles and Rendón. Washington makes the difference.

Anthony Rendón with the forced out. The antealista takes a grounded ball to third, Bregman sends second and Altuve withdraws Eaton. Rendón manages to avoid double killing.

Washington already wins. Adam Eaton with the rola to the right garden that drives Suzuki. Nationals can increase the advantage.

Trea Turner with the line out to the right garden. Suzuki takes the opportunity to place himself in the anteroom. Men in the corners for Nationals.

Victor Robles punishes the ball and gets the single. Suzuki in the middle. Can Nationals score?

Fifth entrance, high part. Kurt Suzuki redeems the passport and the advantage is already on the trails.

This is how the score looks at the end of four entries.

José Altuve works hard at the cashier but fails. The Venezuelan with the rola who removes it by way 31.

In three shifts on the plate, George Springer has twice reached the trails and both times he has been on the base ball.

Josh Reddick delivers the second out of the inning. The patrolman with the high fly that stays very close to the painting. Juan Soto with the fielding.

Martín Maldonado swings and finds the ball. Although he does not get the unstoppable because Juan Soto captures the fly in the left garden.

Fourth entry, lower part. Yordan Álvarez wants Astros to take the lead and hits a ball that breaks the diamond for a single.

Ryan Zimmerman can't replicate the fuss and goes flat. Gerrit Cole with his fourth punch of the game.

Asdrubal Cabrera is struck out. Gerrit Cole recomposes after the home run with his third strikeout of the game.

Howie Kendrick slowly starts the World Series. The designated hitter with the fly out to the right field.

Fourth entry, high part. EVERYTHING IS PACKED! Gerrit Cole allows his second home run of the game. Juan Soto with the lonely shot.

This is how the game marker looks after a third of action.

Scherzer already has six strikeouts in three innings. Carlos Correa is the most recent victim of the Nationals ace.

Yuli Gurriel, on the other hand, started on fire. The Cuban gets his second unstoppable of the night. Víctor Robles fails to do the fielding and allows Astros to have a pair of men in scoring position.

Alex Bregman continues with a complicated postseason. Now it is removed by the punch path. Scherzer already accumulates five chocolatitos.

Michael Brantley continues with the unstoppable Astros. The patrolman with the line to the right meadow that goes from simple.

Third entry, lower part. Max Scherzer manages to dominate Altuve. The Venezuelan with the fly out to the right garden.

Anthony Rendón's long turn that does not translate into annotations. The antealist with the fly to the center garden, where Springer dominates for the third out.

Adam Eaton does not allow Nationals to be removed in order. The patrolman connects a roll to the left garden that goes unstoppable.

Trea Turner now fails to get on the trails. The Nationals short stop with the hot corner kick that turns out on Route 53.

Third entry, high part. Víctor Robles with the hit to the initial. Yuli Gurriel gets the first out.

This is how the board looks after two entries.

Scherzer's fourth punch in the duel. George Springer leaves retired by the way of the K, although he does not believe it. Nationals manage to hang zero.

Josh Reddick continues with the negative streak of Houston. The patrolman with the hit that Trea Turner catches at the short stops.

Martín Maldonado delivers the first out. The Astros catcher with the fly out to the right meadow. Adam Eaton keeps the ball.

Second entry, lower part. Yordan Álvarez gets the base by balls. Max Scherzer has had a bad opening and if he stays that way, Dave Martinez could withdraw it soon.

Nationals come out of the plate. Kurt Suzuki with the lead that Correa lifts. The Puerto Rican takes a cannon shot at the start for the third out.

RYAN ZIMMERMAN DOES THE FIRST! The initialist hits the bat with four corners and the Astros advantage is reduced to a minimum.

Two outs in the Nationals account. The second baseman Asdrubal Cabrera with direct contact to the glove of the Puerto Rican Carlos Correa.

Second entry, high part. The NLCS MVP makes its presentation on the plate and fails. Howie Kendrick with the grounder to the short stops. Carlos Correa gets the out on track 63.

This is what boxscore looks like after an action entry.

Carlos Correa also allows the account to be filled, but instead of getting hit as Spinger is struck out. Scherzer got all three K's, but allowed two runs.

Yuli Gurriel breaks the zero. The Cuban with a long line that hits the central garden wall for the double. Springer and Altuve score.

Scherzer recomposes the path and delivers the punch to Alex Bregman. Although in the play Altuve takes the opportunity to steal second base.

Wild pitch by Scherzer, who is getting too complicated. George Springer takes the opportunity to place himself in the anteroom.

Michael Brantley is the first out of the Astros account. The patrolman struck out by throwing Max Scherzer's cutter.

José Altuve is on fire. The Venezuelan with the line to the left meadow that goes from simple. Springer puts himself in scoring position.

First entry, lower part. George Springer shows himself patient on the mound and snatches Max Scherzer's passport.

Consecutive punches for Cole. The Dominican Juan Soto eats the chocolate and Astros hang the zero despite the danger.

Gerrit Cole puts ice on the situation. The Astros opener gets his first punch (on Anthony Rendón).

Adam Eaton cannot hit the hit that opens the marker. Instead, he makes a touch of the ball that Alex Bregman catches.

Nationals already have a man in scoring position. Trea Turner steals the intermediate.

First entry, upper part PLAYBALL! Trea Turner starts the World Series with the right foot. The shortstop with the unstoppable that Carlos Correa cannot control.

Max Scherzer jumps to the diamond of the Minute Maid Park. The duel will start in just 10 minutes.

The presentation ceremony of the teams begins before the start of the match.

Lots of traffic near the Minute Maid Park. Everything indicates that there is a lot of demand to see the first World Series match between Astros and Nationals.

Prior to the start of the Fall Classic, Nationals remember their truinfo in the NLCS, where they swept Cardinals.

Astros begin to warm up the game just under an hour from the start of the World Series.

Thus the Astros arrived at the Minute Maid Park for the first World Series match against Nationals.

This was the Nationals press conference before facing Astros in Game 1 of the World Series

This is the Washington Nationals lineup for Game 1 of the World Series: Turner, Eaton, Rendón, Soto, Kendrick, Cabrera, Zimmerman, Suzuki and Robles. Max Scherzer will be the starting pitcher.

Without surprises the Houston Astros lineup! Springer, Altuve, Brantley, Bregman, Gurriel, Correa, Álvarez, Maldonado and Reddick. The Texan squad's opener is Gerrit Cole.

Welcome to the previous and minute by minute of Washington Nationals vs Houston Astros, Game 1 of the Major League Baseball World Series that starts this Tuesday, October 22 from the Minute Maid Park, in the city of Houston.