Nato Helps Ukraine With Weapons Purchases

NATO Helps Ukraine With Weapons Purchases

BRUSSELS, (WABNEWS).- Given that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “preparing for further war”, NATO has said it will help Ukraine acquire “effective” weapons to continue its defense against Russia. We plan to help you build your own system. Invasion of Ukraine begins.

In a symbolic image of unity, their General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg appeared before the press at the Alliance’s headquarters. European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell and Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba discuss Ukraine’s most pressing needs in light of the expected intensification of Russian aggression in the spring.


During the talks, they agreed that NATO, Ukraine and the European Union would convene a group of arms purchase experts to consider how they could help Kiev “make sure it gets the weapons it needs”. bottom.

“No one is attacking Russia. Russia is the aggressor, Ukraine is the victim of aggression,” Stoltenberg said, stating that Putin’s state of affairs before both houses of the Russian parliament for the first time since April. He made the assertion in an address to the press just hours after giving a speech on the matter. In 2021, he again lashed out at the West.

For Stoltenberg, “President Putin started this war of empire conquest” and “President Putin continues to escalate it.”

“One year after Russia’s aggression, there is no sign that Putin is preparing for peace. On the contrary, as he revealed today, he is preparing for another war,” said Norway. politician emphasized.

Stoltenberg also said NATO was “increasingly concerned” that China “may be planning to provide lethal support” to Russia, adding that such a move would ” We consider it a danger to our own safety and to the world at large.”

With NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (c), Josep Borrell (d) and Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba (i). WABNEWS/EPA/Olivier Oslet

“Everything China has done, and will continue to do, in the context of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, if we put aside political rhetoric and look at actions, we uphold the principle of integrity,” Kleba said. The focus should be on . . “Territory”.

“We must remain vigilant,” said Borrell, despite China’s assurances that it would not provide arms to countries at war as part of its foreign policy.

Stoltenberg points out that “we must make it clear that Ukraine’s future lies within the Euro-Atlantic family,” and create long-term arrangements for Ukraine’s security once the war is over. pointed out the need. Russia “does not continue to undermine European security” and “breaks the vicious cycle of Russian aggression.”

“Therefore, NATO will continue to support Ukraine as long as necessary and will work closely with the European Union to this end,” he said.

Arms coordination

At today’s meeting, Kuleba said that three main questions will be “answered” by NATO, the EU and Ukraine: how to train Ukrainian soldiers, how to produce and buy weapons and ammunition, and how to deliver them to the battlefield. said he promised an effective way”.

The Ukrainian minister trusted that the “Ukraine-EU-NATO format” would continue to work “regularly” and highly urged Stoltenberg to work to “help build an effective national procurement system”. evaluated.

Kleba said it would be time for senior diplomats and officials to look into the details in order to “build more efficient mechanisms” that he hoped would “promote” cooperation among producers, contractors and beneficiaries. said that came

“This is a triangle where things have to be fluid and streamlined (…) you have the ability to produce, you have the ability to supply.

Regarding EU assistance to help Kiev acquire arms, Borrell favored using the European Peace Support Fund, which 27 countries have been using since the beginning of the war for this purpose, and which has been used by Member States. He called for “political will”. Donate more money.

To be precise, the EU foreign ministers yesterday discussed plans for Estonia to jointly purchase 4 billion euros worth of ammunition.

Russia’s withdrawal from START III will ‘dismantle’ the structure of arms control

In response to President Putin’s announcement to suspend Russia’s participation in the last nuclear disarmament treaty in force, the NATO Secretary General asserted that the decision meant the arms control regime had been “dismantled.”

Stoltenberg urged Moscow to “rethink” and “respect existing agreements.” He also recognizes that the measures announced by Moscow today will make the world a “more dangerous” place.

He said the treaty was “one of the last major arms control agreements” after Russia “began violating” the Intermediate- and Short-Range Nuclear Missile (INF) Treaty, which “leads to their disappearance.” I remembered that it was and still exists. A few years before that agreement.

“Now they are suspending other major nuclear arms control treaties,” he said of the new START, adding that this Tuesday “as we move away from the structure of arms control, from the rules-based international order, I saw another example where it took decades to build consensus step by step.”

Biden Answers Putin, Assures West Does Not Want to Destroy Russia

Mr. Biden assured Russia’s Vladimir Putin, addressing the Russian public during his speech in Warsaw, that the West does not want to destroy Russia.

“Tonight, I address the Russian people again. I’m not going to,” Biden said in a speech to hundreds of people at the Old Royal Palace in Warsaw.

Putin addressed both houses of Russia’s parliament today, accusing the West of wanting to end Russia “forever”.

Biden thanks Duda for help in Ukraine, underscores NATO strength

U.S. President Joe Biden thanked Polish President Andrzej Duda on Tuesday for the help he provided to Ukraine by hosting more than 1.5 million refugees, almost a year after Russia began invading Ukraine. He later emphasized the strength of NATO.

Biden and Duda met at the presidential palace in Warsaw, accompanied by members of their respective governments, with high hopes about Washington’s potential to increase the number of troops currently stationed in Poland to 11,000.

The Polish government expected to address the issue in a meeting with Biden. However, none of the leaders mentioned it in their statements released to the press.

Polish President Andrzej Duda (right) and President Joe Biden (left) during an official welcoming ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw on February 21.
Polish President Andrzej Duda (right) and President Joe Biden (left) during an official welcoming ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw on February 21. WABNEWS/EPA/Andrzej Lange

“The United States needs Poland and NATO as much as Poland and NATO need the United States,” Biden declared, acknowledging Washington’s commitment to defending Poland, which shares a border of about 530 kilometers with Ukraine. declared in a message intended to indicate The country closest to war.

Almost a year after Russia’s aggression, Biden declared that “NATO is stronger than ever” and thanked Duda for the “incredible” support Poland has given Ukraine in recent months. .

Biden promises Russia can’t win in Ukraine, praises Kiev’s resistance

Joe Biden has promised that Ukraine will “never” be victorious for Russia, praising Kiev’s resistance “still standing” a year after the Russian invasion began.

“Ukraine will never be Russia’s victory.

Biden, who made a highly symbolic visit to Kiev last Monday, testified that the Ukrainian capital “still stands” despite the fact that Russian forces tried to conquer it at the start of the war. said it can. We’re screwed.

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“A year after the bombs started falling, a year after Russian tanks entered Ukraine, Ukraine is still independent and free. From Kherson to Kiev, the land has been reclaimed,” Biden said. Told.

The US president put the war in Ukraine in a broader context. Alluding to the sovereign value of the world’s liberal order created after World War II, he thought the conflict highlighted the struggle between democracy and authoritarianism the world was experiencing. .

Blinken thinks it would be ‘extremely irresponsible’ for Russia to freeze nuclear disarmament deal

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called Russia’s announcement to suspend compliance with the New START, the last nuclear disarmament treaty in force between Russia and the US, “extremely disappointing” and “extremely irresponsible”. said there is.

“Russia’s announcement to suspend its participation in the New START is extremely regrettable and irresponsible. We will be very careful about Russia’s actions,” the head of US foreign affairs told reporters during a visit to Athens. rice field.

Chancellor Blinken warned, “We will secure a suitable position for the security of our country and our allies.”


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