NATO Summit: Nobody Laughs At Donald Trump – Télam

Just watch the video in which a group of leaders allegedly mock Donald Trump to understand that relations between some members of NATO and the United States do not go through their best moment.

Everything indicates that the American president has lost that unconditional charisma of the early days of his government, which made him invulnerable to any kind of criticism, when discussing the course that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) should take.


Even so, the head of the White House retains all the strength of his ego.

At the NATO summit this week in London, on the other hand, it was French President Emmanuel Macron who seemed to assume a more active role than German Chancellor Angela Merkel, facing a Trump who was far from accepting any kind of joke .

Before the meeting, the head of the German government had assured that the Atlantic Alliance must be preserved because Europe is not yet able to defend itself, a concept that moves it away from the European defense project that Macron is looking for.



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