Natti Natasha Danced Sensual Twerking And Olga Tañón Could Not Hide Her Impression

Natti Natasha – Instagram

By Michelle Cardenas

Tuesday, October 8, 2019, at 5:14 p.m.


Natti Natasha – Instagram

Natti Natasha and Olga Tañón appeared starring in a video. But it is not precisely their talent in music that made them startle, but rather another branch of art. We are talking about dancing, but not about anyone but nothing more and nothing less than sensual twerking.

Through Instagram, a video appeared in which Natti gives Olga Tañón some lessons. These are images captured in Univision corridors. There the celebrities shared space due to one of the programs, where both are jurors.

But the important thing about that moment is that the two appear talking about twerking. Suddenly you see how the Puerto Rican begins to give some indications to the other famous. This while Olga tells her that it is complicated for her.

However Natti stresses that he should relax as if he didn't care. Then you must proceed to move the buttocks on one side and the other. Then the singer proceeds to show an example and Olga tried to follow.

After the pleasant moment, the famous shared the video on their networks. He also accompanied the publication with a pleasant message of admiration that many loved.

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