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An ecosystem is constituted by a community of living organisms and the environment in which they interact. In enormous dimensions, the Earth is that environment in which we live together humans, plants, animals and other living organisms. Each element, in some way or another, impacts the other.

Become aware

Caring for the Earth is also caring for health. Buying packaged medicines that probably travel from other cities or countries has an environmental impact.


When they are essential to maintain our health, there is no other option and it is important to follow medical recommendations. However, the use of these products with preventive natural medicine can be reduced.

Take action
To strengthen our immune system and protect against viruses and bacteria, naturopath Magaly Olmus recommends consuming vitamin C that naturally and in high doses can be found in guava, kiwi, pepper.
Eating onion, garlic and nuts high in zinc such as almonds and nuts also helps keep defenses high.
Before flu symptoms, do not self-medicate! The examination and diagnosis of a doctor is a priority. After this, the treatment can be complemented with natural alternatives.
Moisturizers, which usually come in plastic containers, could be replaced by coconut water, water with lemon and panela or water with a measure of sugar and a measure of salt.
To uncover the respiratory tract, before going to buy a packaged product, it is recommended to try with vaporizations with eucalyptus or mint leaves.
As a natural antibiotic, the specialist recommends consuming ginger tea, honey every six to eight hours, propolis and echinacea.
Create the habit

Eating healthy, maintaining good hygiene and consuming natural products that strengthen the body’s defenses every day is the best way to avoid viral or infectious diseases, experts agree. It’s easier than you think, let’s turn our universe into an EcoUniverse. (F)