NBA 2019: Donald Trump Reloads Hard Against Steve Kerr: "It's Weak And Pathetic"

NBA 2019 The president of the United States again at the Warriors coach

The conflict between the NBA and China has been the perfect opportunity for Donald Trump to revive all those professionals in the basketball league who criticize his management. One of them is Steve Kerr, coach of the Golden State Warriors, about whom the president of the United States had already mocked: "He looked like a small child, he was so scared that he was even unable to answer the question," Trump said later. that the technician will choose not to comment on the situation in the Asian country.

Kerr took a short time to answer and did so by recalling his fuss with the five presidents before Trump and pointing out the lack of "dignity and respect" that currently exists on the part of the presidency. But the conflict has not remained ah, since the US president again attacked the coach through his Twitter: "It's fun to see how Steve Kerr crawls and complains when asked a simple question about China. It's weak and I don't want it at the White House! "


So funny to watch Steve Kerr grovel and pander when asked a simple question about China. I have chocked, and looks weak and pathetic. Don't want him at the White House!

? Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 12, 2019

The tension between the NBA and China is still very strong and although both Democratic and Republican politicians have asked the league to cease its activities in the Asian country, the league still did not take such determination since a large amount of its income comes from there.



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